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Debug Problems – ContextSwitchDeadlock –

While debugging an application written in C #, I found the following error, Context “ContextSwitchDeadlock”. The process waits to load a file in txt. ContextSwitchDeadlock detected Message: The CLR could not make the COM...


How to add double quotes in a string C # and Vb.Net

The following example shows how to save the word “Hello World” including double quotes in a string. C#(use prefix \)

VB.NET(Two single quotes together “”)

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Get and set .ini file values c #

Suppose you have an .ini file with the following information:

The following functions will allow you to obtain and modify your configuration file in a simple way:

Mode of use



Function to obtain check digit in VB6

In this opportunity we bring you a very useful function that will help us when we want to obtain the verifying digit of a Rut.

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Autoadjust images to the width sent by parameter

This function is very useful because it allows you to auto-dimension the images, just sending the image and the width as parameters.